Drytac Material Used For Window Graphics Project

Drytac Material Used With Window Graphics Project

Vancouver-based Premier Graphics used Drytac SpotOn White Matte to complete a window graphics job for plant-based vegan food business The Very Good Food Company.

Premier Graphics was approached by The Very Good Food Company and construction firm Pacific Solutions Contracting to produce window graphics to cover up building work taking place at a retail location in Mount Pleasant, a neighbourhood in Vancouver.

The project challenged Premier Graphics to create graphics that offered a high impact and high contrast design, but also allowed adequate ambient light to pass into the building to assist with ongoing construction work inside. The graphics also needed to cover window panels measuring 6.4m tall.

Premier Graphics selected Drytac SpotOn White Matte monomeric PVC film, a solution that is designed for short-term applications such as point of purchase retail signage. The film features a ‘dot pattern’ adhesive that enables easy bubble-free application on a wide variety of smooth interior surfaces, windows, glass and more.

‘As our vertical panels of material were so tall, having a material with minimal stretch and good adhesion during cold temperatures on our install day was crucial for a great final product with minimal seams,’ said Premier Graphics’ General Manager Taylor Sellinger. ‘The film met all the challenges we needed it to and our panel registration was completely accurate, even while working with such long individual panels.’

Drytac Material Used With Window Graphics Project

The graphics – which were printed using an HP Latex 365 device – will only remain in place for six months. As such, Sellinger said it was also important that the material could be easily removed without leaving any residue on the windows.

Drytac Material Used With Window Graphics Project

‘For the six months the graphics will be installed for, we are confident they will look great the entire time and remove completely trouble-free when that day comes. Our team of six full-time installers are ready to meet any challenge, but SpotOn makes those challenges so much easier to tackle.’


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