Drytac Launches New Range Of Monomeric PVC Films For Signage

Drytac Launches New Range Of Monomeric PVC Films For Signage

The new Drytac Polar Choice products are ideal solutions for signage and general advertising applications such as windows, POP displays, stickers and decals, and can be printed using latex, UV or eco-solvent technology.

The range, launched in the UK/Europe, includes six films: Polar Choice White Gloss PB (permanent grey adhesive), Gloss P (permanent clear adhesive), Matte RB (removable grey adhesive), Polar Choice Clear in Gloss P (permanent clear adhesive), Gloss R (removable clear adhesive) and Polar Choice Air White Gloss PB (permanent grey adhesive).

All of the new films are durable outdoors for up to three years and also suitable for indoor use, offering a high level of reliability and flexibility to users, and have the Class C-s1, d0 (EN 13501-1) fire rating.

Drytac Launches New Range Of Monomeric PVC Films

Shaun Holdom, Global Product Manager at Drytac, commented, ‘We’re delighted to announce this new range of monomeric PVC films, which includes matte, gloss and clear finishes and permanent or removable solvent adhesive options. It has been designed to provide high-quality performance for shorter term applications. For high volume users, the range has been engineered to offer printability on all platforms and provides stability for print and cut applications. The films also have a two-sided PE release liner for extra lay flat performance.’

Drytac Launches New Range Of Monomeric PVC Films

Polar Choice White is an 80μ film available in a gloss or matte white finish. The film is coated on one side with a permanent or removable pressure-sensitive clear or grey solvent acrylic adhesive.

Polar Choice White comes in three options: Gloss PB, Gloss P or Matte RB. Gloss PB features a permanent grey acrylic adhesive, while Gloss P has a permanent clear acrylic adhesive and Matte RB has a removable grey acrylic adhesive.

Meanwhile, Polar Choice Clear is available as a glossy clear film with a permanent or removable adhesive. The 80μ Gloss P option features a permanent clear acrylic adhesive, while the 70μ Gloss R film has a removable clear acrylic adhesive.

Polar Choice Air White is an 80μ gloss white film with a permanent grey adhesive. Using Drytac’s bubble-free technology, Polar Choice Air White Gloss PB is the ideal choice for easy-to-apply and bubble-free printed graphics.

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