DNA Services Training And Consulting Announces Installer Certification Programme

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New and informative training manuals are now available, directly from DNA Services Training & Consulting.

DNA Services Training & Consulting’s training workshops have received positive feedback, with many parties expressing interest. However, one drawback is the financial challenges that many companies are facing at the moment, in that they cannot afford the basic daily cost per team (five members).

As such, the manuals, which have been introduced as an entry level option, are available to purchase with a ‘Level 1 – Bronze’ certification on the DNA Services Training & Consulting’s certification ladder. In order to receive a ‘Level 1’ certification a written or oral test is compulsory with a required minimum pass mark of 85%.

Should parties then be interested to progress to ‘Level 2 – Silver’, they will need to receive the beginner practical on-site training in order to obtain Installer Certification as a ‘Level 2 – Silver’ member. A practical exam that covers basic beginner installation methods (relating to a specific module), is also compulsory. The individual’s hands-on practical skill will be assessed and marked accordingly.

‘Level 3’ Gold member – advanced practical training for each module. A high level of competency and skill is required in order to achieve this level of certification. It includes an intense practical exam that covers advanced installation methods.

‘Level 4’  Platinum member – product specific training, details to follow.

  • Module and Manual A – calendared vinyls and beginner installation techniques.
  • Module and Manual B – wallpapers and installation techniques.
  • Module and Manual C – window, decorative and architectural films and installation techniques.
  • Module and Manual D – vehicle wrapping, films and installation techniques.

The manuals include:

• An introduction and guideline to signage, decorative, architectural and vehicle wrapping films and substrates.
• Focusing on practical issues and recommended/preferred installation methodologies.
• Informative technical guides for sales reps, HOD’s and related industry business owners.
• Trainees who attend the practical on-site training, all receive a high quality printed and bound copy.
• Current and relevant information guide for all new installers entering the exciting and challenging installation/wrap arena.

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