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DNA Services Training & Consulting will host another three day training session at Edgecombe House in Blue Hills Midrand during July.

MODULE B – Beginner vinyl application: 23 July 2013

  • Introduction to flat surface Self-Adhesive vinyl’s (SAV’s).
  • Flat surfaces wet and dry.
  • Registration of Digital Prints.
  • Wallpaper demo – show and tell.
  • Flextension frames demo – show and tell.
  • Decorative/Architectural fils – show and tell.

MODULE B is targeted at persons entering our exciting industry, an introduction to various printable products and SAV’s. It includes tips and tricks to get you going confidently on all your flat surfaces, indoor or out.

MODULE C – Complex Surfaces & Full Coverage Vehicle Wrapping Techniques, 24-25 July 2013

  • Introduction to vehicles wrapping SAV’s.
  • Recessed and corrugated surfaces.
  • Extreme compound and complex curves.
  • Full coverage vehicle wrap techniques.

MODULE C is targeted at those installers who are keen to improve on their current skills. Progressing from flat surfaces to more difficult complex surfaces sometimes can be quite a stressful and costly process. DNA Services will assist attendees in the smooth transition from semi-skilled to skilled installer. 

On completion you’ll receive:

  • Certificate of attendance.
  • Industry suppliers product specifications CD.
  • Training manual, as source for technical reference.

Immediate benefits of attending the training course:

  • Understanding of SAV’s.
  • Awareness of numbers negatives one may encounter along the way.
  • Understanding of vehicle wrap procedures from A-Z.
  • An immediate improvement in installer skills, resulting in improved quality of workmanship and individual’s confidence.

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