Cut Letter Warehouse Expands Its Service Offerings


Cut Letter Warehouse has expanded its service offerings, in response to an industry that has a versatile range of requirements coupled with a series of challenges.

Due to a number of factors it has never been easy for the average sign manufacturing company to obtain letters cut from e.g. acrylic, aluminium and brass. Lengthy quote times and even longer delivery times have left most signage companies in the dark when it comes to quoting on this type of signage; but not any more.

Being previous owners of a sign company, Cut Letter Warehouse can relate to what exactly is required in order to service a client properly, offering fabrication, lighting installation templates, the manufacture of light boxes and even the arrangement of installation.

The company is equipped in such a way that the client will be free of having to make an additional purchase, offering a 24-48 hour turn around time with competitive pricing.

Cut Letter Warehouse has expanded their current services from the usual cutting of aluminium, acrylics, wood, brass and basically any non-ferrous metal product to incorporate the manufacture of the complete sign that the client may require, be it from a standard chromadek board to a shopping mall pylon sign.

The company manufacture in accordance with all industry standards, encompassing:

Sign boards:
Steel frame welded with chromadek face plate attached with graphics either printed or applied cut out.

Sign Boxes:
Steel frame work welded or sign section with backing plate and acrylic face with or without graphics and with or without illumination.

Fabricated letters:
Often referred to as boxed letters, consisting of a face – usually acrylic- and a return/side and a backing, usually a 10mm PVC foam for mounting purposes.

Fabricated illuminated lettering, both halo effect and full illumination:
As per the above but with the addition of lighting (full illumination) or clear backing and raised away from installation area for a halo effect.

Flat cut out letters:
These are cut out letters which are applied directly to the installation area.

Flat cut out letters on pins:
These are often referred to as raised letters which are letters mounted onto the installation area by means of pins.

Flat cut out letters on pins with illumination behind (halo effect):
As above but with LED lights mounted behind the flat cut out letter.

Steel structures welded with or without bolt cages for installation (depending on the size of the structure). These can be manufactured with various types of the above signs fitted to them.

Installation and installation templates:
A template or paper diagram to size depicting the position of each letter and the pin / standoff position; should the client not wish to do the installation themselves Cut Letter Warehouse also offers the installation of all types of signage.

Addittionaly the company offer logo cutting and design, as well as technical assistance / general advice.

‘As we have been in the industry for many years we can offer assistance on many levels and in many areas of signage,’ said owner Craig Evans.

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