Crafting Appealing Digital Out-Of-Home Content

Crafting Appealling Digital Out-Of-Home Content
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Ric Albert, the Creative Director at Grand Visual, says that it is the sheer size, impact and ubiquity of digital screens in cities around the world that make it an exciting canvas to work with. Full motion creative is a game changer when it comes to crafting engaging stories for Out-of-Home audiences. Study after study has revealed that motion delivers more impressions, for longer, and drives ROI.

His back to basics guide for crafting good quality, full motion Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) creative includes:

Add motion to your DOOH

Motion is a creative that works harder because it attracts the eye, helps tell a story and delivers drama and emotion. It brings a new dimension and a must-have for visual communication. Digital isn’t just pixels instead of paper, it is an opportunity to do more. We need to harness the potential of DOOH instead of treating it as just another delivery file.

Timing is of the essence

Pay attention to your environment and duration. All signs point to shorter sharper messaging being the way to go, but depending on the environment and duration of the digital screens you are using and what you’re trying to accomplish — longer form copy can work too.

Consider the difference between a five, a ten and a 20-second execution. Are you giving yourself enough time to establish your brand and message? Are you using the full duration of the execution wisely? Are you putting appropriate creative into different environments? Is there the potential to deliver multiple brand messages?

Intelligent scheduling can make all the difference so create something for the morning commute and another message for the evening. Or communicate with your weekend audience in a different way from the midweek crowd. Subtle changes in copy can build real depth to your campaign.

Be contextual

We are already serving creative that adapts to real-time feeds, such as weather, traffic flow, and social media trends. That is because digital OOH is a connected media. Get the media working hard with useful and relevant messaging that can change and evolve during the course of a campaign because the infrastructure is already in place.

A 2019 challenge for all of us is to ditch the JPEG, to be creative all the time. Maximise the potential of the medium, use the full canvas, duration, and be relevant and contextual. Capitalise on the unique creative opportunity that DOOH provides for brands and audiences alike.

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