Cosign has introduced the TOTEM series of aluminium profiles designed to construct totem pylons for indoor and outdoor use. The TOTEM range consists of a limited range of profile: one basic profile and three decorative cover profiles allowing for a rectangular, elliptical or rounded design to be constructed.

Distinctive feature

The distinctive feature of this intelligent TOTEM system is the way a totem pylon is constructed. First, a set of two basic profiles are mounted around an aluminium or steel tube profile or internal frame of the totem pylon and then, two cover profiles are mounted to the basic sections. By using square or rectangular tube profiles with different outside dimensions and wall thicknesses it is possible to create totems with a variable depth e.g. 10, 15 or 20 cm and a height of up to 6 m with the same basic and cover profiles.

Ease of construction and maintenance

Panels can easily be lifted out frontally in order to update the panels/graphics and to facilitate replacement of any damaged electrical components.
Durable construction

In selecting particular tube dimensions and/or wall thicknesses you can create very tall totems up to 6m in height which can withstand severe weather conditions.

Architectural design

Cover profiles in different shapes allow for numerous contemporary designs. Panels can be attached without screws or by using hidden fixings.

Stylish design

With only a basic and a cover profile sign makers can construct small elegant totems for indoor use and large outdoor totem pylons. The extruded aluminium profiles are available in a mill finish for painting to your customer’s desired colour or in a stylish silver anodised aluminium finish.

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