Colorscreen will introduce their new graphic tool which can be used on the Brother GT-3 Series printer. The new Digital Factory Apparel Software can be used to optimise graphics and to reduce running costs. This graphic software was specially developed for Brother’s digital garment printer.

Under the ‘Growth through confidence and sustainable service’ motto, Brother Industrial GmbH is presenting several steps of the digital garment printing process, and visitors can discuss their needs for perfect garment printing at the Colorscreen Booth C3, Hall 1.

The successful GT-3 Series garment printer, together with new options and platens, are the perfect combination to produce high volumes and/or unique fashion garments and increases your profitability with more options and solutions for the garment decoration industry.

The new GT-3 Series of digital garment printers is a line-up of three modular models allowing buyers to upgrade their model when their business grows. This series of three machines offers a CMYK-only printer (GT-341), a CMYK printer with two white print heads (GT-361), and a CMYK model with four white print heads (GT-381) for higher speed and performance. A user can start with the CMYK-only unit (GT-341) and if he wants to add the white ink feature after a while, he can easily upgrade his existing model rather than having to buy a new machine.

Additional advanced features include:
• Up to 1200 dpi, allowing photographic quality printing.
• Up to eight industrial and original Brother print heads for faster throughput.
• One pass printing with CMYK and white ink printed simultaneously for higher productivity.
• USB memory stick compatibility to download designs without computer hookup.
• Ink cartridge system designed to provide consistent high-quality printing.
• Compact size for installation in versatile work places, e.g. storefronts or small locations.
• Simple user interface without the need for RIP software.
• Inks/Consumables certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1.

Brother integrates their core technology and know-how into the new GT-3 Series of digital garment printers by manufacturing the printer and other critical components like print heads, controller and the software themselves. Coupled with the new genuine Brother ink formulation, this ensures a fully integrated system compared to that of many competitors.

Create fashion and values:
• T-shirts: print on T-shirts of any colour without framing and with high quality.
• Bags: print on cotton and even on leather.
• Shoes.
• Sweat shirts-even over the zipper.
• Aprons.
• Baby clothes – all inks and consumables are certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1.
• Jackets.
• Even other materials like carton, ceramic, leather, wood, etc. is possible to print on, when the material can absorb the ink and withstand the heat press.