ColorJet Launching Digital Textile Printer With 16 Heads


The advanced, high speed direct to fabric printer Vastrajet-8164 provides users with outstanding performance, increased productivity, superior printing accuracy with minimal maintenance needs.

The Vastrajet-8164 comes with the latest ColorJet-AiS (Adaptive Ink System) technological innovation. The AiS provides customers with the flexibility to use ink of their choice to address various issues of logistics, procurement, colour consistency, etc.

ColorJet has always strived to support their partners by bringing technological modifications by fine-tuning the machine as per the inks. The new Vastrajet-8164 also comes equipped with AIVC technology, which provides consistent print performance at varying environmental conditions.

‘When developing the Vastrajet-8164, our R&D team aimed to increase productivity, performance, and reliability, which ultimately resulted in a product whose performance increased by up to 70 percent from its predecessor, making it one of the fastest printers in the market in this category,’ said Jitender Pal Singh, vice president (textiles) at ColorJet India. ColorJet India Ltd is launching the Vastrajet-8164 at ITMA Barcelona 2019.

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