ColorByte Introduces Cut-It-Out Large Format Technology

ColorByte Introduces Cut-It-Out Large Format Technology

The new Cut-it-out from ColorByte Software adds automated cutting to ColorByte’s flagship products, ImagePrint R.E.D. and ImagePrint Black, and can be used with any Graphtec cutting plotter.

With Cut-it-out, each cut is performed in the optimal order to maintain the integrity of the page so users get a perfect cut on every object, every time. Users have the ability to control the unique hanger system as well as specify square corners, rounded corners or ovals.

John Pannozzo, President of ColorByte Software said, ’We are very excited about this technology. The ability to cut vinyl has been around for a long time. What we’ve done is use the same cutting hardware to turn your large format printer into a mini-lab. Photo finishing has always been the Achilles heel of those using large format printers to produce large amounts of traditional photo sizes. This technology solves that problem. Now users can have the cost-benefit of large format printing along with fast and efficient automated cutting.’

When Cut-it-out is combined with the feature set of ImagePrint, it adds the ability to create event and holiday cards, sports and school-related products and so much more. All with automated cutting on the backend.


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