Color Concepts Launches New Cloud-Based Platform

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The ColorBase Exchange platform is a marketplace that matches supply and demand, giving material manufacturers the global reach to build partnerships and generate exposure for their newest products. Resellers will be able to manage their entire workflow through a single channel, while simultaneously increasing their product selection and diversifying supply chain risk.

ColorBase Exchange connects printing material manufacturers to resellers like never before. This new technology revolutionises the way that users do business, streamlining data exchange, procurement, the sales process, customer acquisition, payments and logistics.

‘The past couple of months have shown that a disruption of patterns can lead to entirely new challenges, for both manufacturers and resellers. It also showed the vulnerability of systems and markets and the inability for companies to react fast to an ever changing situation. ColorBase Exchange does not aim to change the current market structure, but rather to optimise it and help resellers and manufacturers to interact more effectively, streamline their processes and adopt new agile methods of manufacturing and procuring materials,’ said Marco Roos, CEO and founder.

This brand new platform expands business opportunities and creates new partnerships and customer relationships worldwide. Color Concepts believes that ColorBase Exchange will contribute to a substantial increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of decision making between supply and demand.


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