3D Fusion Announces Recycling Initiative For 3D Branded Signage Returns


As part of their new recycling initiative, 3D Fusion will mix custom colours for customers, and buy back customers’ old returns for recycling. The company manufacture their own filament and use it in their 3D printing operations.

Eric Philpott, signage manufacturer and developer for 3D Fusion Machines, explained, ‘We recycle PETG from failed and old returns. PETG is 100% recycled. We use a crusher to pelletise the plastic and mix with virgin and re-extruded materials. We make black filament from the recycled plastic.’

The company’s 3D Fusion printer, made for the signage industry, has been designed to print letters or ‘returns’, namely for three-dimensional branded signage. The returns are very light, and the machine comes with a 5kg roll of filament.

The machine spends only a few hours printing the returns, which previously couldn’t be done in such a short time. While it is printing, the operator can focus on other tasks and leave the machine on its own to print. Only one operator and a laptop is required for the machine, which is wireless and can be operated from anywhere.

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