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Chemosol has launched the new SR 130F8 two colour high speed tag-less label screen printer. The printer has PLC control, human-computer interface, clear function display and easy operation, with two colour flat screen printing and dried by infrared flash dryers, suitable for general ink and small area screen frame printing such as T-shirt collars.
The SR 130F8 consists of eight stations driven by step motor to ensure stable and smooth running. Squeegee and flood blade angle and height can be adjusted to ensure consistent printing pressure. Screen settings can be finely adjusted front/back, left/right, for registration.
The printer has eight stations rotary worktable, one for substrate display one for ironing and two for printing, three for drying and one for substrate take-away and eight stations working simultaneously at high speed, with one cycle and auto function and switch easy.
The system has been developed to work with plastisol as well as solvent based inks, depending on the final application. Primarily for the direct printing of tag-less labels we recommend the newly developed TPX ink from Marabu. It is the latest pad printing and screen printing ink which is flexible, has a very high opacity, 2-component system, with good resistance against washing and ironing. The ink range is certified according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.
For general printing of logos and the likes on clothing and promotional products you will be able to use Chemosol’s latest range quick curing Plastisol ink. Please discuss these products with Chemosol’s sales people. 
SR 130F8 screen printer technical information:
Maximum print area: 120x100mm
Maximum print speed: 2000pcs/hr
Rated power: 4300 W
Rated voltage: AC 220V 50Hz
Rated current: 40A
Air consumption(L/min): 20 Litre/min 6bar
Noise (dB): 80dB
Outline dimension: 1320x1355x1480 mm
Weight(kg): 204 kg
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