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Switzerland-based Carton Ideen GmbH has been announced as the first global customer for Zünd’s S3 cutter. Launched earlier this year, the Zünd S3 has a smaller, space-saving, footprint than Zünd’s G3 model, but incorporates all the key features and has the same exceptional build quality.  With a revolutionary direct-drive system and ultra-fast Z- and T-axis control, the S3 is built for speed.

The S3 has an unprecedented price/performance ratio and enables exceptional productivity.  It is capable of processing a wide range of materials including textiles, vinyls, films and thinner plastics.  It has the modularity and quality build typical of Zünd technology and its capabilities can be further extended with creasing tools and 300W router insert.

Established in 2007, Carton Ideen has become synonymous with creative, premium-quality packaging solutions. A typical Carton Ideen GmbH order consists of highly individual, often 3-dimensional, personalised mailings.  All phases of production – from design to sampling to finished packaging – are handled in-house.  Because of the high degree of individualisation, the need for flexibility is enormous – a need that Zünd’s technology is more than able to address.

With a highly visual and intuitive user interface, Zünd Cut Center encompasses all phases of an efficient graphics production workflow – including designing, planning, printing, and cutting.  It maximises the productivity of the company’s digital cutting systems. The new Zünd software dynamically guides the operator through the cutting process by continually offering best choices based on the material to be cut, available tooling, and quality requirements. By doing so, it virtually eliminates the need for operator experience, minimises set-up times, helps avoid mistakes, and ensures the cutter is running at maximum productivity levels at all times.

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