Canon South Africa Announces New Large Format Series

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The new imagePROGRAF PRO Series is available in five new models. The series can be used with Canon’s signature LUCIA PRO pigment inks to produce vibrant large format prints for graphics, fine art and photography. 

The new imagePROGRAF PRO Series makes high-quality large format printing easier than ever, including high-impact posters or the finest of fine art, with ‘wow-factor’ borderless printing that users don’t need to trim or frame. Now users can turn ideas into print, and profits, faster, and with minimum manual intervention. All new models feature new levels of automatic media handling and more smart workflow options than before.

The less time spent setting up the printer, the better. With the new series, just put the roll on the feeder and it loads automatically while the new automatic media handling senses the type and size of the paper so printers can focus on doing other jobs or bringing in new business. Users can even change the media in the second roll unit and send a new job to print while printing on the first roll is still in progress. And it remembers how frequently you use the media and what jobs you use it for too, meaning media detection gets more accurate every time. Because the roll is barely touched, there’s no chance of a stray fingerprint spoiling the job.

James De Waal, head of marketing, Business Imaging Group, Canon South Africa, said, ‘Print is about getting ideas down on paper. The faster and more easily you do it, the better. We’ve spent a lot of time talking to our large format customers about what slows the process down — what frustrates them. Complicated media handling tops the list. So streamlining the process was a design priority on the new imagePROGRAF PRO printers, increasing profitability and boosting your bottom line. This is a great improvement especially for the PRO-4100S and PRO-6100S, which have been designed with the high productivity print-for-pay market in mind.’

The imagePROGRAF PRO Series benefits from a new version of our Professional Print & Layout software featuring stand-out enhancements. Automated nesting gets the most out of the media — just drag and drop the images and the software automatically works out what goes where. Pattern printing eliminates trial and error time-wasting on colour compensation. Instead, print multiple thumbnails to check brightness, contrast and other variables.

De Waal said, ‘Our thinking goes like this: paper and ink are valuable, so don’t use them until you’re confident that what comes off the printer will match what’s on the screen. Professional Print & Layout is a very clever tool that means prints are perfect the first time round.’

Borderless print is not always easy to do, and the finishing can be time-consuming. With the imagePROGRAF PRO Series, borderless printing in various formats is possible whatever the size of the media, thanks to an advanced media sensor that detects the edges and automatically adjusts the margins for pinpoint accuracy. And printers can choose free size or three-sided borderless.

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