Canon Announces Fastest Digital Wide Format Colour Printers On The Market


The new Océ ColorWave 810 and 910 are, according to Canon, the fastest digital 106,7cm (42’’) wide format colour printers on the market, with speeds of up to 1000sqm per hour regardless of image complexity, ink coverage or media type. The next generation devices have evolved as a strong choice for PSPs in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), CAD and GIS environments, allowing flexible printing from a single unit in both black and white and colour. 

As part of ongoing collaboration and partnership with customers, the latest in the line of ColorWave printers have been refined and upgraded with the needs of both in-house printers and PSPs in mind. The new single pass inkjet printers deliver best-in-class functionality and unbeatable performance to the high-volume print market.

Integrating seamlessly into existing workflows with a range of finishing options and supporting software, the ColorWave 810 and 910 offer high-volume output at fast turnarounds for optimum productivity.

Also perfectly placed to serve dynamic retail environments, the ColorWave 810 and 910 are ideal for short-term sales campaigns. The high-quality system architecture provides fast and continuous printing and instant-dry prints that are ready to use immediately. Capable of replacing multiple digital printers, both devices are extremely robust and hardworking and offer a practical colour alternative to traditional presses.

Other key benefits of the new models include sharper lines, increased render resolution, grayscale printing and a larger range of media handling capabilities to improve both quality and precision of output.

Hardware updates to the ColorWave 810 and 910 include a new controller PC with more memory, a faster CPU for speed and agility in busy environments and an Adobe PDF Print Engine for faster ripping of complex PDFs with shading or transparencies. Delivery of 3.4 billion drops of 1.2 pico-litres of aqueous ink per second make the ColorWave 810 and 910 significantly lower ink usage printers than their competitors.

A new intuitive touchscreen UI panel with brighter colours and clear operator visible traffic lights (Green-Orange-Red) enhances usability and simplifies routine tasks, saving time and reducing mistakes. As a result, the ColorWave 810 and 910 are two of the most hassle-free and user-friendly wide-format printers the market today.

Pierre-Olivier Esteban, European TDS/DGS Marketing Director at Canon Europe commented, 'The development of the ColorWave range evolved through collaboration and strong partnership with our customers to ensure we delivered a fully integrated solution that met all of their needs. The new printers include a range of finishing tools and software for different applications in order to cater to various customer segments with ease. Efficient, productive, robust and genuinely user-friendly, it is a testament to our dedication to the high-volume print industry and proves once again that Canon is the ideal partner for any print service providers or large companies that want to differentiate their service offering, stand out from the crowd and grow their business over the long term.'

Key Specifications: CAD, AEC and GIS applications:

  • Integrated EsTefold 5011 and 5013 enable print production to be folded and stacked at maximum speed, for easy document filling and distribution.
  • The Océ Repro desk 2.5.3 software provides an integration of the CAD design desktop and the digital print room, with easy job submission, efficient workflow and print-ready management.
  • The standard submission tool, Océ Publisher Select 2, allows users to compose a job of one or more print ready files and make all the necessary print settings to get the right output result.

Key Specifications: Retail POS and GA applications:

  • The Océ Dual Tray High Capacity stacker produces prints that are dry and instantly ready to use.
  • The dual tray concept enables continuous printing, automatically switching to the second tray when the first is full.
  • The SDD Take up Module 6244, a roll-to-roll mobile and flexible finishing option, enables a non-stop production and an easy operation.
  • Together with the Onyx Thrive Software, Océ ColorWave 810 and 910 are complete solutions. Onyx Thrive software manages the wide format print production workflow processing, offering accurate and high quality printing results.

The ColorWave 910 has two speed print modes of 9m/min and 18m/min and the ColorWave 810 runs at 9m/min.

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