Caldera Demonstrating Latest Version Of Wide Format RIP Suite


Caldera will exhibit version 3.40 of its digital signage product, Variable Display, and will have a dedicated digital signage learning area at Viscom Paris.

As always, user feedback has initiated changes to version 3.40 of Caldera’s software, such as new file formats, video transcoding and playback options, and advanced support for HTML5 and CS3. Crucially, quick-view remaining media volume and playlist status indicators have been added, as have integrations to replace proprietary playback software with open-source alternatives to enhance ongoing product development.

In keeping with its customers’ ambitions, Caldera is launching a slender version of its Dynamic Totem product, a simple but highly effective combination of print and digital signage. The VariableDisplay DigitalTotem (Slim version), which is fabricated entirely in France in collaboration with MBS Manufacturing, reduces the depth of the all-in-one unit to 69 x 180cm, making it simpler to install within higher-traffic areas. Combining Caldera Variable Display with a popular screen and a robust aluminium frame, DigitalTotem Slim, like its larger variant, enables the speedy changeover of printed panels to accommodate seasonal and time-limited advertising transitions.

‘The Viscom Paris audience knows that the Caldera stand will always show them something inspiring but practical, and this year is no different,’ said Sébastien Hanssens, Vice President Marketing for Caldera. ‘Digital signage is becoming very fashionable for retailers, interior designers and visual communicators of all kinds, and our clients in the printing industry are recognising this. We’re here to provide both technical solutions and stimulation to stakeholders of all kinds, and Viscom Paris is always the right place to do so.’

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