Caldera Announces Software Support For Roland Printer

Caldera Announces Software Support For Roland Printer

Driving the Roland IU-1000F with CalderaRIP software is an ideal way to make the most out of the printer’s speed and colour reproduction capabilities. The driver is optimised for the use of Roland’s special inks, and with Caldera’s advanced printing module, the user can manually or automatically manage how to use Primer, White and Clear inks on their print jobs.

Designed for demanding printing production environments, Roland’s latest UV flatbed printer can be driven by CalderaRIP Version 14 to deliver impeccable results on cost-effective applications such as signs, display graphics, interior design, backlit boxes, or canvas murals.

Moreover, CalderaRIP embeds premium components to always ensure printing accuracy and perfect results no matter the application:

– The latest version of the powerful Adobe PDF Print Engine ensures a reliable reproduction of designs on any surface.

– The X-Rite i1Prism Profiler for ICC profiling allows users to keep control over colours and ensure smooth gradients.

In addition, CalderaRIP comes with a range of features and options perfectly suited for high-demanding printing workflows. For example, you can set up an unlimited number of hotfolders and, since Version 14, benefit from powerful Smart Hotfolders to parallelise job processing and save up to 35% ripping time. For further automation, the unique Smart Import feature allows Smart Hotfolders to automatically extract meta-data from the filename, such as the number of copies, targeted printer or presets in order to speed up job submission of traditional file-based workflows Smart Import is available for customers with an ongoing subscription to CalderaCare.

In addition, Caldera’s true shape nesting feature delivers smarter image placing and optimised layouts for all kinds of shapes, not only rectangular, in order to dramatically reduce media waste and ensure a sustainable production while maximising ROI. Furthermore, the solution generates barcodes or QR codes to improve the finishing process.

Finally, Caldera is a fully scalable solution that is perfectly suited for high-speed, mass-production, print and cut environments. It is compatible with more than 1600 peripherals and its unique client/server architecture allows users to distribute computation power on several computers using the same software licence to drive a company’s fleet of printers seamlessly. Also, the optional GrandCutServer module generates cut files that are entirely compatible with multiple types of routers for a seamless print to cut workflow.

All print and cut drivers are available for download on Caldera WorkSpace.

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