CADLink And Partner Collaborate For RIP E-Commerce Solution

Ikono-Printing & Protection Films

Custom Gateway has partnered with CADlink to offer a cloud-based RIP e-commerce solution to online retailers and producers. The growth of print on demand and personalisation has led to the development of a full cloud-based product and order management solution by Custom Gateway, which Gateway RIP now complements perfectly.

With the addition of Gateway RIP, Custom Gateway’s cloud-based solutions now go further to provide an end-to-end service that is accessible from any computer, anywhere in the world. The collaborative effort introduces automated cloud-based raster image processing integrated within a complete e-commerce based digital print ordering and fulfilment service.

Gateway RIP enables rapid, scalable deployment of a complete colour management, production workflow solution for digital print providers offering wide format, print/cut, and specialty personalisation/customisation print services. The Cloud-based approach provides a completely automated print workflow solution that requires little to no ongoing management and maintenance overhead once deployed.

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