Business Saves Costs And Opens New Markets With Midcomp’s UV Hybrid Flatbed And Roll To Roll Printer

Business Saves Costs And Opens New Markets With Midcomp's UV Hybrid Flatbed And Roll To Roll Printer
Maliviwe Ngcwabe, FrontSeat Group.

Midcomp installed a JHF M3300 UV hybrid flatbed and roll to roll printer at FrontSeat Group. This high precision, super-sized hybrid printer is equipped with Konica Minolta industrial-grade heads, capable of printing multiple layers with flexible white ink.

It adds more versatility to a business as it expands the range of applications for both soft and rigid materials. The JHF M3300 can handle a wide range of applications, such as: vinyl, paper, acrylic, aluminium composite panels, architectural ceramics, decorative flooring, wood, polyester, corrugated board, (high-density) PVC, flexible foam panels, glass and metal (with a primer).

FrontSeat Group has served the signage and branding industry for 20 years, and continues to grow in becoming leaders of signage and branding within the informal market. FrontSeat Group’s signage director, Tshiamo Motshome, discussed how the printer is helping the business: ’We specialise in informal branding, such as spaza branding, car wash branding, taxi rank branding, etc. We mostly use Chromadek as our substrate, so we first print on vinyl, laminate it and then apply it. With the new flatbed printer, we have been able to cut down on both ink, vinyl, lamination and labour costs, saving around R35,000 a month and thereby R420,000 a year on Chromadek signs alone.’

‘When we save, our clients also save. We’ve decreased our printing prices, which gives us a competitive edge. So the machine is beneficial for both us and our clients. Production runs faster since it covers more square metres per hour, and we are cutting down on curing time for the ink and application costs, allowing us to take on more projects,’ said Motshome.

The machine also opens new markets for the company. ’Part of the reason we got the machine was to start printing billboard formats. We have our own internal out of home advertising division, and we own over 100 billboard faces across the country, ranging between traditional and taxi rank billboards. We have two other printers that limited us when it came to billboard printing because we would have to outsource our billboard prints. With the JHF M3300 flatbed, we are now expanding our services for our internal division and also saving around R350,000 a year.’

Other product offerings FrontSeat Group will be adding this year include textile printing, which opens doors for branding (i.e. gazebos, flag banners, banner walls, textile/fabric banners etc).

Motshome said the service from Midcomp was received favourably, from setting up the machine to after sales service. ‘Their service is great. Darryl Braithwaite from Midcomp was in contact with me even recently, asking how things were going.’

Tel: +27 11 789 1222

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