Bernina RSA Exhibits Melco EMT16 Embroidery Machine

Bernina RSA Exhibits Melco EMT16 Embroidery Machine

The Melco EMT16 embroidery system features a tensioning system that operates on a pre-feed basis, helping users speed up embroidering by up to 40 percent. The system was exhibited at the Sign Africa and FESPA Africa Expo, which took place from 13-15 September at Gallagher Convention Centre.

The Melco EMT16 can embroider on pockets while they are still attached to garments. Bernina RSA, which has been operating in Southern Africa since 1947, provides the training and servicing of these machines.

The EMT16 brings an improved performance through a modular system that optimises production efficiency up to 40%, as well as other features:
• The patented digital tension system known as Acti-Feed allows the user to set a positive feeding flow of thread according to each different type of fabric and thickness with enhanced consistency, giving unparalleled quality production day in and out.
• The high speed pantograph gives users the ability to comfortably run between 1100-1300 stitches per minute (SPM), with a top speed of 1500SPM.
• It boasts the smallest cylindrical lower arm, allowing the operator to get into hard-to-reach places, like embroidering on pockets without having to dismantle and reattach it back onto the garment.
• Being a modular system, the user can upgrade a single machine into a multi-head system by adding a new machine to the existing system as the need arises. It is capable of being upgraded to up to 12 heads on a single operating system, which has an immense advantage by decreasing setup downtime with increased production output.
• An easy to learn operating system that can be taught within less than an hour.

BERNINA RSA (+27 11) 726 1800

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