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Beith Digital became the first company in South Africa to acquire the HP Latex 3000 printer. This is a massive leap forward in terms of technical capabilities and it once again puts Beith ahead of their competitors.

‘Promising cutting edge technology and industry advancement means we need to continually stay abreast of international trends and innovation,’ said Devyn Wagner, Beith’s MD. ‘If we do not show our clients and partners that we are prepared to better the products and services we offer, then we are not doing our jobs. Our clients are very important to us and we pride ourselves in being able to not only print and install their brand requirements, but offer valuable advice and expertise.’

The new LX3000 allows Beith to print at the highest resolutions possible onto any flexible substrate at speeds of 120sqm per hour. In addition, Beith can now print onto locally manufactured Tarpaulin material at 720 x 720dpi resolution and can guarantee the product and ink for over three years. ‘Long gone are the days of truck tarps being printed using solvent inks at poor quality and destroying the environment,’ said Wagner. ‘This opens a huge market for us as no one can genuinely guarantee their product outdoors in South Africa’s climate for three years and more, and if they did they would find themselves in trouble, but now we can.’

Rob Makinson, MD for Midcomp said, ‘Beith is a great business, they are young, hungry and not prepared to sacrifice on innovation, technology and above all customer satisfaction. Congratulations on your newest purchase, it definitely sets Beith apart from its competitors.’

‘Beith’s success over the last five years can be attributed to the product and service we deliver. While other businesses in this sector look for short term gains and in a lot of circumstances eventually close down, we have remained true to our clients and ourselves. We strive to be the best. We do this by offering an internationally comparable product and service, tailored to our unique climate and environment by using the most advanced technology and equipment available, sourcing the best materials and hardware in the market and by packaging this together with years of experience and knowledge,’ said Wagner.

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