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Barbieri will introduce the Barbieri DOC (Digital Output Control) easy-to-use process control instrument at FESPA London, taking place from 25-29 June.

Barbieri SpectroPad DOC with build-in process control analysis

This process control solution, based on the revolutionary SpectroPad, checks the stability of the digital printing process and is tailored to the needs of large format, flatbed and industrial printing. It is easy to use and straightforward thinking: the actual situation of a printer/media combination is set as reference and all following prints are compared to this. For the wide range of media used in digital large format printing Barbieri provides presets and templates tailored to each special media characteristic. The comparison of the actual situation to the reference unveils whether the printing process is stable and the printer operator can decide on the spot if he/she can continue printing or has to do adjustments in the printing process.

The DOC process control solution by Barbieri consists of the innovative SpectroPad and special build-in DOC software. Using SpectroPad DOC the stability of the process can be verified immediately and whether the actual print is within specifications can be determined directly on the printer. Being wireless (battery operated and data transmission by WiFi) the control strip can be measured directly on the printer, the measuring device calculates the DOC report internally and by means of the touch display the result is shown immediately. If needed, the data can be sent wireless to a computer where a report can be printed and data stored.

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