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Banding and Identification Solutions Africa launched the new Band-It Pro-Mark pin marker to help businesses save money and get through the challenging economic conditions by creating their own tags for identifying products and parts.

The Band-It Pro-Mark pin marker has been designed specifically for identification, and features a metal stylus which imprints the desired mark or imprint on a metal surface. Banding and ID Solutions business manager Rosa Remendos said that the system is available in LCD and USB options.

‘The Pro-Mark LCD pin marker is a bench mounted, fully programmable pin marking machine. A stylus is attached to the head of the machine, which is wired to a computer to enable the operator to enter the information and parameters immediately. The pin marker will then print straight onto the desired metal surface from the computer,’ said Remendos.

The Pro-Mark USB pin marker is a plug and play system with Windows compatible software which is easily connected to a laptop. The Pro-Mark USB pin marker is easy-to-use, and marking layouts can be created and checked before work commences.

Band-It UK supplies the Pro-Mark range locally to Banding and ID Solutions. Sales manager Paul Clark said that both models boast a marking area of 100mm x 75mm, and feature standard character sizes ranging from 0,18mm to 99,9mm in increments of 0,18 mm.

‘They are ideally suited to industries ranging from food and beverage, to electrical and municipal applications,’ she said.

The pin markers can be used for a variety of applications, including: programmable marking, component identification and traceability, serial numbering, logo marking, time and date marking, part numbering, batch and shift coding and label and tag marking.

‘The Band-It Pro-Mark automated pin markers complement our existing range of manual identification systems, and serve as the ideal solution for customers that have a high volume of in-house tagging, identification and labelling requirements on products such as cables, pipes and components, to name a few,’ said Clark.

Due to the fact that the Pro-Mark pin markers are designed for use on metal, Remendos said that they provide a permanent tagging system which is weather and UV resistant, unlike other identification systems made of plastic. ‘These tags can therefore be used in hazardous areas, chemical plants and refineries, where plastics are not suited.’

Another major benefit of the Band-It Pro-Mark pin marker range is that it enables the user to group certain templates of a particular size tag, in addition to dating the reference tags, which reduces the need to continually keep track of the date process. What’s more, a circumferential attachment is available, which allows the operator to make a mark on the circumference of any part.

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