Axaio Software Announces Update Of Layer Plug-In


MadeForLayers is an extension for Adobe InDesign and Illustrator that simplifies the editing of documents, which contain a large number of different layout layers. The advantage of MadeForLayers is that users can create multiple layer views in a document – a combination of different but related layers of a document.

However, in certain documents, MadeForLayers has displayed and saved wrong layer views. With this new version, axaio software has integrated a way to fix this problem. MadeForLayers layer views help the user when working with complex layouts that contain e.g. several languages, regional variations or technical or draft views: with just one click, the user can call up the specific layer view, showing just the related layers. In that way, the user avoids having to select the individual layers repeatedly, which can lead to errors and wastes time.

Each defined layer view can be applied to new or existing documents. A specific layer view containing layer names and metadata definitions can be set as the default document view to determine which layer is visible when opening the document. New layer views can also be created from the current visible layers. Using these options in MadeForLayers, a standardised document structure can be pushed forward.

MadeForLayers is also available as an integrated part of MadeToPrint to export different versions of a publication simultaneously and in fully automated way. With MadeToPrint’s smart output features, users can quickly create either a PDF master file with all the different layer views or a PDF file for each layer view.

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