Avery Dennison will launch a new wave of innovations designed to drive sustainable growth at Labelexpo which will be held in Shanghai, China from 3-6 December 2013.

Georges Gravanis, vice president and general manager, Materials Group – Asia Pacific, Avery Dennison said, ‘Avery Dennison is constantly striving to develop label and packaging innovations that can help converters solve the performance and sustainability challenges they face today. We are looking forward to engaging Labelexpo Asia 2013 visitors with fresh approaches not only to shelf appeal but to recycling, and productivity as well.’

Avery’s pressure-sensitive labeling solution that improves the recyclability of PET containers, the Avery Dennison CleanFlake (Bottle-to-Bottle) film portfolio can help increase PET yields thanks to an innovative adhesive and film combination that separates cleanly and efficiently from the PET flakes produced during the recycling process. The result is food grade rPET flakes pure enough to be used to produce new food grade bottles and containers, which conserves virgin PET resources and supports beverage industry leaders’ desire to increase their use of recycled PET bottles.

Also a new platform of adhesives that enable thinner constructions, increased productivity and decreased bleeding. Avery Dennison’s ClearCut technology is designed to increase sustainability while improving functional performance and shelf-appeal.

The Machine Direction Oriented (MDO) films are anchored with Avery Dennison’s new proprietary S7000 adhesive. Film materials using this adhesive deliver excellent clarity, water whitening resistance, less adhesive oozing, and good release profile for high-speed converting and dispensing. The clear, white and metalised feedstocks on PET liners avoid the trade-offs in ooze, dispensing and wet-out typical of thinner films. Offering 31% less material weight and greenhouse gas reductions of 22% compared to similar films, they generate substantial sustainability impact advantages.

Two new products address the special requirements of wine and spirits products. The Aqua Stick portfolio utilises a new adhesive called ‘Z3338’, which is specifically designed to adhere directly to condensated wine bottles. Ideally suited for variable temperature and humid environments resulting in bottle surface condensation. Aqua Stick’s unique adhesive technology delivers consistent label positioning in these challenging environments often associated with white and sparkling wine applications.

Aqua Proof is a portfolio of synthetic label materials designed to look just like premium paper while delivering the functional benefits of film. These unique label materials are engineered to withstand long term exposure to refrigeration and ice bucket applications, enabling consistent premium product presentation throughout the entire product life cycle.

These products, as well as many more innovations and new products in the beverage, durables and digital categories, will be launched at the Avery Dennison Booth – at Labelexpo Asia 2013 Booth B48.