Aslan Launches MirrorEffect SimplyApply Film

Aslan Launches MirrorEffect SimplyApply Film

Aslan’s mirror effect films are known probably for one of the best mirror effects in the market. But there is a challenging task for the users: to unfold the whole shining brilliancy of the existing mirror effect films, they have to be perfectly applied. This is easy to do for a professional, but Aslan set the agenda to develop a mirror effect film that is foolproof to apply by anyone.

As a sister product to the popular MirrorEffect AntiScratch ASLAN SE 75 in silver and gold, there is now the new MirrorEffect SimplyApply ASLAN SE 76 available – a mirror effect film in silver that is, due to an adjusted adhesive formula, simple to apply.

The self-adhesive film combines the essential characteristics of Aslan’s mirror effect films: the surface is ideal and mirrors very sharp. Furthermore, the 75µm aluminised PET-film is highly scratch-resistant and therefore suitable for many indoor applications. Plus, the film is very simple to apply dry, is easy to correct – even repositioning does not cause material cracking – and the film remains completely removable from nearly every substrate.

For all these reasons, the silver-coloured film is particularly suitable to be applied over entire flat and smooth surfaces or for use as plotted selective highlights. The self-adhesive film is the ideal solution for indoor applications in shop fitting, visual merchandising, exhibition stand design and interior design since it is easy to clean using conventional cleaning agents and the brilliant mirror effect retains in the long term.


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