Aslan Launches MirrorEffect AntiScratch Film


MirrorEffect AntiScratch SE 75 self-adhesive anti-scratch polyester film is characterised by a brilliant mirror-like finish, along with a very high scratch-resistant surface which is unique in the market.

Applied on smooth, homogeneous substrates, the polished surface of the film reflects mirror images brilliantly, and makes rooms appear optically larger and brighter. Additionally, the self-adhesive mirror effect film has the advantage of being lightweight, shatter-proof and flexible in terms of application. With the use of a plotter, the film can be cut into individual shapes and is easy to weed.

A remarkable benefit of the product lies in the high scratch-resistance of the film’s surface. The mirror effect film can therefore be applied to large areas without the need to over-laminate it with an additional protective film. Moreover, the high scratch-resistance ensures that the mirror effect remains brilliant and intact in the long term and that the film can be easily cleaned.

Especially designed for the decoration of smooth surfaces, the self-adhesive mirror effect film is ideally suited for applications in exhibition stand construction, shop fitting, visual merchandising and interior design. Flat surface areas on furniture, ceiling panels and glass for instance, bring out the both-sided mirror like effect particularly well, whether applied to large areas or as an individually set piece.

Kindly note that this is a non-stock item and available on request.

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