ASLAN Announces New Self-Adhesive Film

ASLAN Announces New Self-Adhesive Film

The new SparkleColour ASLAN SC 123 self-adhesive film’s six shades of gold, silver, black, white, red and green (available soon) are ideal for plotter cut graphics, or full-surface applications, on all smooth surfaces. 

The structure of the glitter particles in this 350 µm self-adhesive polyester film brings a touch of glamour to shop displays, architecture features and trade fair designs. What’s more, the spectacular sparkly effect is double-sided and due to ASLAN’s highly transparent, water-based adhesive system, is ideal for attention-grabbing advertising and graphics on glass.

ASLAN supplies the product with a transparent film on the surface. This serves as protection against loose glitter particles during processing and also acts as a transfer tape for plotted applications. The film is then plotted in reverse through the backing liner and the rest of the process is simply child’s play.

The advantages of the six glittering films at a glance: PVC-free, therefore dimensionally stable with no shrinkage; high-quality, structured feel; very good plotting properties (film is plotted from the back, mirrored through the liner); removability without leaving any residue, e.g. on glass and metal; and high volume of glitter particles for added brilliance and durability.


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