AM.CO.ZA Complements Heat Press Range With New Inks

AM.CO.ZA complements heat press range with inks.

AM.CO.ZA has announced the availability of a range of dye sublimation inks to complement its range of heat press machines.

The inks include the Heatware Budget range comprising Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, as well as the Korea SubliNova range comprising 100MC, 100MM, 100MY and 100MK.

The company has also outlined how to choose the best inks. Dye ink is liquid while pigment ink is fine powder (normally made from minerals) in a solution. Almost all inkjet printers can print dye ink. Don’t get mislead by the name ‘dye sublimation ink’ and believe it’s pure liquid; as it is not.

Sublimation inks are made up of solid colour dye particles that are crushed into a fine powder before being suspended in a liquid solution. Although you can’t see the particles of dye, they are floating around in the ink and do not dissolve into the liquid.

The company states that dye sublimation ink blocks print heads since its not purely liquid. Traditional thermal inkjet print heads won’t work because dye sublimation particles will turn into gas during the heating process.

AM.CO.ZA suggest choosing printers with Micro Piezo print heads. Micro Piezo print heads eject droplets of ink via mechanical pressure.

To avoid cleaning up old carriages and refilling ink by a syringe, choose a printer with refillable ink tanks.

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