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Altuglas International, a subsidiary of Arkema group, has launched Altuglas® acrylic sheet optimised for LEDs. The efficiency of these new LED acrylic sheets shows a decrease up to 20% of the energy consumption and the number of LEDs installed compared to conventional PMMA acrylic sheet.

The formulation of the acrylic glass is optimized for a uniform and maximised light distribution associated with LEDs. The result: coloured acrylic sheet with high light transmission which reduces energy consumption and the number of LEDs used by up to 20% compared to a standard acrylic sheet. Fourteen standard colours are available and can also be offered in Corporate Identity Colours. The applications of this new generation of acrylic sheet vary from sign, signage to architecture and design (interior and exterior).

Altuglas® LED system: 10 ‘energising’ colours

The new coloured sheet gives uniform illumination with no LED hot spots and maximum luminescence efficiency. The result is ‘energizing’, bright and uniform colours. 

Altuglas® Night and Day: Four ‘magic’ colours

Four colours have a magic ‘2 in 1’ effect between day and night. For example, the acrylic sheet is black during the day and turns white when illuminated at night. Altuglas ® Night & Day is now available in black/white, grey/white, green/white and blue/white.

The acrylic sheet is easily thermoformed and lends itself to forms of complex designs. This versatile material allows designers the ability to imagine the future interior and exterior concepts with light.

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