3DpXL! Exhibiting 3D Capabilities At Sign Africa Cape Town Expo

3DpXL! Exhibiting 3D Capabilities At Sign Africa Cape Town Expo

3DpXL!, a Cape Town based bureau that can offer 3D printing to sign makers, brands, retailers and end users, will exhibit eye-catching 3D printed samples on their stand at the Sign Africa Cape Town Expo. The event is taking place from 14-15 March at Cape Town International Convention Centre.

3DpXL! will feature a range of samples printed on the Massivit 1800 printer, which has recently been installed at the company’s Cape Town premises. The printer transforms the way high-level marketing, advertising and themed projects are created and can produce high quality 3D pieces up to 1.8m (6 feet) high.

3D printing is ideal for print providers seeking to dramatically extend their product portfolio beyond 2D pieces. 3D printing also allows retailers to create vibrant, eye-catching window displays, point of purchase (POP) stands, visual merchandising and exhibitions elements and even bespoke retail outlets that surpass what can be achieved with traditional manufacturing. With the capability to very quickly produce larger-than-life high quality 3D pieces, the world is beginning to see examples of it transforming the way high-level advertising, visual merchandising and POP and POS displays are created within the retail space.

3DpXL!’s unique offering is intended to stretch from artists to the end users. It has the scalability to handle one-off small prototypes as well as extra large models. The bureau is a one-stop shop and can adapt to customers’ service requirements, even decorating and incorporating the lighting and structure into an application, if needed.

Upcoming Sign Africa expo’s include:
Bloemfontein: 10 May, Ilanga Estate.
Zambia: 6-7 June, Mulungushi International Conference Centre.
Johannesburg: 12-14 September, Gallagher Convention Centre.

3DpXL! +27877246384 info@threedxl.com www.threedxl.com

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