Zünd Showcasing Digital Cutting Technology


With its open interface, the Zünd G3 can be quickly and easily integrated into any existing production environment. Zünd cutting systems are consistently geared towards automated digital production and generating more throughput in less time. They also play a significant role in shortening time to market and maximising material yield.

Advanced digital workflows demand a seamless flow of data. With the software solutions Zünd offers, users are perfectly equipped to handle the vast and varied demands of challenging markets. The software automatically optimises contours and adjusts cut paths for the type of material and specific tool being used. With the integrated nesting module, parts are automatically nested for optimal yield. Especially in view of rising material costs, maximising material utilisation without sacrificing quality is essential for making digital cutting productive and profitable.

Zünd’s modular digital cutting solutions are also suitable for the plastics industry. As much as types of plastics and applications may differ, maximum productivity and reliability, along with easy integration in automated workflows, are critical competitive advantages in all production scenarios, and perfectly coordinated components are the key to success. This makes Zünd’s modular cutting systems ideal for use in industrial environments.

Zünd, together with Zünd partner Eurolaser, is providing industry experts with an opportunity to experience and discuss the possibilities of mechanical cutting – relying on blade and bit-based technologies – as well as those of non-contact laser cutting. The two companies will exhibit at K 2019 in Düsseldorf for the first time.

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