Zünd will present its high-end automated digital cutting solutions for a diverse audience of industrial manufacturers at Inprint in Hannover from 8-10 April 2014. The company will demonstrate how its superior cutters can increase flexibility and take the performance of different production environments to the next level.
Zünd will highlight the unique features of its cutting technologies, which are ideal to satisfy the specific needs of industrial sectors, and will show its profound knowledge of material finishing. The company will provide evidence of the digital cutters’ versatility, showing precisely cut samples produced by customers from a wide spectrum of industries, including automotive, aeronautics, electronics, interior décor, photovoltaic, medical and functional textiles.
The advanced functionalities of Zünd digital cutting solutions enable customers to cut anything from flex prints and membrane keyboards to lamp shades and suspended ceilings for interior decoration applications, as well as synthetic fibres like Aramid for protective clothing. The automotive and aeronautics sectors can also benefit from Zünd systems’ capabilities to cut tachometers, leather for seats and steering wheels, carbon fibre, honeycomb materials and airbags. The range of jobs that can be fulfilled using Zünd equipment is vast.
Zünd will also display an advanced modular G3 cutting system configured with an automated sheet-feeder for continuous and virtually unattended cutting of various sheet, board and roll materials. Zünd’s cutting systems are designed for 24/7 operation and the automated loading system further enhances their performance, providing manufacturers with a fully automated workflow and increased flexibility, whether creating prototypes or small and medium production runs. 
Oliver Zünd, CEO, said, ‘Zünd cutters are the ideal engine to satisfy the demands of industrial production. The camera-aided digital finishing systems enable customers to accurately cut printed and unprinted material up to 50 mm thick. The modularity and its 16 different sizes also allow manufacturers to handle a broad array of materials up to 3.2 m wide.’
‘Zünd cutters are well-known and respected in many demanding manufacturing industries. Our long-standing expertise has allowed us to build a solid reputation in different sectors, and with over 20.000 systems sold worldwide we can confidently claim to be a leader in digital cutting.

Existing and new customers can see the huge potential of Zünd technologies and their ability to cut both conventional and innovative materials to meet the demands of different production environments. InPrint is the right platform to showcase these capabilities,’ added Zünd.