Zünd Presenting Fully Automated Cutting Systems At FESPA 2015


Zünd will present the latest fully automated cutting systems for screen, digital and textile print professionals at FESPA 2015, in Cologne, Germany, from 18-22 May.

Zünd’s focus at FESPA in Cologne is on demonstrating to print service providers how they can increase productivity while decreasing labour costs. New automation solutions for Zünd’s widely used modular cutters are designed to optimise finishing throughput. One of the highlights of Zünd’s exhibit is the state-of-the-art robotic off-load option. Working in conjunction with a Zünd S3 M-800, the robot picks and sorts cut parts. The robot is designed to function autonomously in production environments where human operators and advanced technology work together to achieve maximum productivity.

With the new automatic tool changer, ARC, Zünd is introducing an automation solution that increases the efficiency of Zünd G3 cutters by significantly reducing setup times for routing applications. With the ARC system, the user has at his/her disposal a carousel in which up to eight different bits can be freely combined for processing. The system automatically selects the correct router bit for the job and material at hand, guaranteeing optimal results. This eliminates the potential for operator errors in higher-volume routing applications involving aluminium, wood, plastics and composite materials.

Another step towards total automation with Zünd cutting systems is file retrieval via QR-Code. Once the material is fed onto the cutting surface, the ICC camera captures the QR-code embedded in the printed job, and Zünd Cut Centre ZCC immediately retrieves the corresponding cut file. Before processing begins, the system automatically determines the location and orientation of the graphics and, if necessary, compensates for any distortions in print or material.

The highly successful Zünd G3 3XL-1600 cutter is particularly well suited for wide-format finishing applications. This high-performance cutter model is ideal for cutting vinyl and other rolled materials up to 3.21m (10 ft.) wide. The centre-winder roll-off with integrated dancer system guarantees optimal tension control that allows for wrinkle- and distortion-free cutting of textiles.

With the new RM-S router module, Zünd is introducing a high-performance 1kW routing tool specifically designed for the S3 series. The new tool is capable of cutting materials such as acrylics and rigid foam-core up to a thickness of 25mm (1 in).

Zünd’s electric oscillating tool, EOT-250, is a high-performance tool developed for cutting thick cardboard/honeycomb materials. This tool is air-cooled, oscillates at very high frequencies, and has an extended, 2.5mm stroke. These characteristics make this the only tool capable of processing 16mm corrugated sandwich board at speeds up to 1000mm (40 in) per second. The concept behind all Zünd tooling is unique in its focus on modularity; Zünd tooling can be expanded or upgraded quickly and easily at any time to meet changing demands.

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