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PACKZ Packaging Design Software is the complete packaging design solution, with everything you need in one software package. Combining powerful design functionality with presentation and production capabilities, PACKZ compliments your Zünd digital cutting system perfectly.
The software has been designed and developed for the point of sale and packaging industries, to provide the design studio with the flexibility to realise design solutions quickly and professionally. With such a wide variety of applications, PACKZ is continually expanding its user base over many interrelated industries.
The software adheres to a true Windows operating environment and maximises the potential of your PC by utilising the latest in graphic and processing power. PACKZ can produce web-ready media in hi-resolution ray-traced output and the most common animated formats. Developed with designers by a specialist programming team, the PACKZ platform provides a unique drawing experience. The creative drafting resource equips the designer with the widest scope of drawing capabilities, automated assistance and industry specific commands and tools. Intuitive software capabilities capture the power of creative design into easy to use, variable driven parametrics.
Using the software allows the end user to maximise their design potential to the full. Design professionals and novice users alike can develop their creative skills by exploring the potential of the software. By automating basic functions, and making the entire design and manufacturing process strongly integrated, PACKZ can result in design studios having a quicker turn-around time, increased productivity with less outsourcing and greater profits. The PACKZ range of products is available to provide a complete solution for design, design automation, and sample making. Regardless of whether the design is in paper, card, corrugated board, plastics, etc.
Features include:
Extensive libraries of standard resizable designs on various media types
Simple 2D Design

  • Easy to use drafting tools to allow you to create or modify any design.
  • Customisable interface, toolbars, shortcut keys – Share files with other software packages in formats such as .PLT, .HGL, .EPS, .AI, .PDF .DXF -Drawing integrity checker, check for gaps and double lines, etc.

Fast 3D Visualisation

  • Fold single or multipart designs.
  • Easy to use align tools ensure parts fit together perfectly.
  • Animate assembly of design.
  • Insert 3D models from other 3D packages in formats such as 3DS, STL, etc.
  • Add artwork for realistic 3D visuals with lights, reflections and shadows.
  • Add photo or movie backdrops to improve realism -Show true curved panels in 3D.
  • Show folded and animated designs using different camera angles and lighting.
  • Provide customers with small internet format animated 3D files, AVI movies, 2D, photorealistic visuals.

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