YouSpace Introduces Interactive Total Experience Display Kit

YouSpace Introduces Interactive Total Experience Display Kit

The YouSpace Total Experience Kit uses depth sensors and advanced AI algorithms (YouSpace COAT) to recognise and interpret real-time human data such as human body shapes and actions, which then enable on-screen content to respond to users and create unique interactive experiences.

The YouSpace Hub analyses how many users walked by the display, how long they looked at the display and which content was the most popular. This kit features YouSpace’s COAT AI algorithms, a one-year cloud service to the YouSpace Hub content management and data analytics tool, an Intel RealSense Depth Module 430 and a mini PC. The COAT algorithms analyse user gestures and actions from depth sensors.

Ralph Brunner, CTO, YouSpace said, ‘The key idea is that the human body can become one more input to control machines, just like today you would use voice control or a keyboard. Our technology enables this in a way that any device with these capabilities can now react to human presence.’


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