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Xennia Technology has announced its participation in the InPrint 2014 industrial print show, as a founding partner and sponsor.

Inprint, taking place in Hannover, Germany, between 8th and 10th of April 2014, is solely committed to print technology for industrial manufacturing. With its deep understanding of the industrial digital inkjet printing sector, especially the textiles, ceramics, laminates, flooring, glass and specialised functional applications markets, Xennia will play an important role in supporting Inprint prior to and during the show.

Tim Phillips, Marketing Manager at Xennia, has been chosen as an Inprint ambassador along with representatives of other leading companies. He will be speaking at the Functional and Decorative Industrial Print Conference, co-hosted by IMI Europe and ESMA, during the exhibition, with a talk entitled ‘The Future of Digital Manufacturing is Here’.

Xennia is focusing on new industrial manufacturing markets to discover the requirements of potential technology adopters, with the aim of working closely with them to deliver a complete digital manufacturing solution. The existing market for digital industrial print is estimated to be worth R41 billion ($3.8 billion) and predicted to grow to $21.6 billion over the next 10 years (Source: I.T. Strategies, for InPrint), suggesting a very significant opportunity for digital adoption.

‘Our main ambition for the show is to engage with companies looking to change the way they manufacture by implementing digital technology. Digitising printing and deposition processes has transformational benefits, making them more flexible and responsive, more efficient, more environmentally responsible and above all, more profitable,’ said Tim Phillips.

‘Understanding customer requirements is fundamental to our business; we listen, we understand, we design and then we build. It comes naturally to us as a company, as we have an extensive amount of expertise and experience in creating whole application solutions for a huge number of different digital applications. Because of our customer and end-user orientation, Xennia is always at the heart of the process, from developing the inks or fluids to developing a printing solution which for us means a complete end user application comprising inks, software and hardware. Our experience enables us to develop digital solutions rapidly which deliver against specific customer requirements.’