Xaar 1201 Printhead Showcased In Recently Launched d.gen Hybrid Printer

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The new Arete Combo from d.gen prints on both transfer paper and directly onto fabric. Equipped with Xaar’s 1201 printheads, the Arete Combo delivers high speed and high-resolution printing and is available in six colour and four colour print options.

High productivity is ensured with the Arete Combo, which recognises the continuous change of weight and diameter in media through its jumbo feeder, while its flexible control system enables printing of over 1500sqm every day. High capacity media management also ensures continual ‘non-stop’ printing, without the need to reload media.

Xaar 1201’s Thin Film Piezo Silicon MEMS technology is capable of jetting a range of relevant fluids (eco-solvent, UV-curable and Aqueous) for wide format graphics, direct-to-garment (DTG) and textile applications. With its 1280 nozzles and capability to produce print with an apparent resolution of over 1440dpi, the Xaar 1201 delivers high print speed and high drop placement accuracy.

‘We used the Xaar 1201 as it was the best printhead in its class,’ said Bruno Ruggiero, sales director at d.gen. ‘With 1280 nozzles per colour the Arete Combo can now print at 1200dpi high resolution with only two passes and at a speed of 80sqm per hour, offering significant productivity advantages to customers.’

‘Overall we are very impressed with the high print quality of the results achieved and how the Xaar 1201 printhead’s robust design delivers reliable, cost effective and exceptional quality print to the Arete Combo for both transfer paper and fabric printing.’

‘The Arete Combo is the latest d,gen printer to build on the Xaar 1201 printhead, following the launch of the Papyrus Grande and Papyrus Arete last year,’ commented Gerard Winn, senior product manager at Xaar. ‘We are delighted to see continued growth in textile applications by d.gen, confirming the quality and speed of the Xaar 1201.’

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