Wired4Signs Launches LED Spot Modules


Wired4Signs now stocks LED Spot modules which are designed for large light boxes. They are an extremely cost effective solution and can even be used for double-sided light boxes.

• Easy and Quick Installation.
• Cost Effective.
• Provides Good Illumination.
• Water Proof-IP67

Wired4Signs now offers a new service, LED Wizard. This programme gives you an estimate and suggested layout of LED Modules for your sign.

The tools available in LED Wizard 7 have been designed to take any input file and get to a completed layout as fast as possible. It can handle small letters, medium sized letters, and large letters. It can handle thin strokes, variable width strokes, and thick strokes. It can handle serifs and scripts. It can create layouts that are very dense, very sparse, or outlines for halo lit letters. It can handle sign cabinets of any size and shape.

For a free estimate and layout, send your art work (include the total width and return of the sign) in .pdf or .cdr format to stephen@wired4signs.co.za.

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