Wired4Signs Introduces Triac Dimmable LED Drivers


After many frustrating months of trying to find a solution for retrofit jobs, Wired4Signs has now sourced these power supplies. The company found that there are many constant current dimmable drivers available but no constant voltage dimmable drivers of power higher than 35 watts.

These power supplies remove the need to buy new 12 Volt LED Dimmers, reduce the installation time, simplify the installation process and are useful for retrofit projects where dimming is required.

The company currently only has the 75 watt units available, however they are working on increasing the range.

These particular drivers are TRIAC dimmable, meaning they are designed to work with TRIAC phase control dimmers such as your standard bell press or rotary type dimmer, most often seen in domestic applications. The power supply can be operated with virtually any conventional or trailing edge dimmer.

The driver transforms the AC power from the TRIAC dimmer into a signal that is compatible with the LED. Equipment is installed in this order: Power supply – TRIAC dimmer – LED driver, so that the TRIAC dimmer controls the LED driver’s input voltage.

Some of the features include:
• Dimming interface Triac Dimming range 10-100%.
• Input voltage 200-240VAC.
• Output voltage 12VDC or 24VDC. 
• Output power 75W.
• Output current 6.25A.
• Working temperature -30 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius.
• Dimension 204 x 62 x 34mm (L x W x H).
• Package Size 206 x 64 x 36mm(L x W x H).
• Weight (G.W) 500g.
• Five Year Warranty.
• Robust metal housing.

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