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Sign Africa LIVE’s latest webinar features Uprint Digital Direct, who demonstrated the ultimate solution to brand from home: the A4 CMYW Uprint printer, as well as the many applications it can print on. The printer offers an all in one printing solution without the need for multi-press machines, such as a pen press, mug press, plate press or cap press.

Watch the full webinar below:

The printer includes:

– PrintPro software.
– Chemicals: 1 litre activator.
– 1 litre Nitro X.
– 1 litre PPX.
– 1 litre XXX.
– 3mm rubber mat.
– Spray gun.
– Black magnetic pads.
– Handheld press.
– Silicone pad.
– 100 sheets yellow paper.
– 100 sheets Marine A+B paper.

Uprint’s patented chemicals will allow you to brand extremely durable logos onto difficult surfaces like stainless steel, aluminium, glass, the inside of ceramic mugs, coated wood, all plastic surfaces, cell phone covers and many more. Brand more products than any other technology and add value to your existing business. The hand held press allows you to brand on any part of a cap, bag, sports ball, shoes and any other material that can’t fit in a standard heat press and cap press.

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