Vista System has introduced a range of products, including Vista slider, Vista expand, Flat Table-Top display, accessories for creating custom designed wall signs that fit any project and Flat corner and office signs.

Vista slider:
The new Vista Slider is a horizontal oriented wall sign with a slider that can be used to display alternating messages. This product is ideal for use in restrooms, laboratories, hospitals, meeting rooms and any other location where alternating messages are required.

To switch the messages, one has to simply slide the slider from one side of the sign to the other, to allow for one message to be hidden while the other is displayed. Replacing the messages in the sign is extremely easy and can be done by the in-house staff. The slider sign comes in two widths: 60mm and 80mm and in any length required.

Vista expand:
The Vista Expand series is designed to offer both indoor and outdoor extra large sign solutions ranging in size from 0.7-1.4m wide and up to 4m tall. It features a very clean and elegant look with a minimal curve.

Three types of products are supported by the new series: Pylons XL signs, landscape and portrait XL wall signs and landscape and portrait XL post and panel signs. The new signs, as all Vista System products, accept many types of insert materials and are very easy to install and update.

Flat Table-Top display:
Vista System added GreenSquare to the Vista Family of signage solutions, and introduced the Flat Table-Top Display sign to complement its well known curve.

GreenSquare, a young Australian company on the rise, who was operating under a strategy similar to the MCFT concept (using modular components to create both standard and custom designed solutions), was selected after Vista System completed a drilling 12 months review of flat solutions offered globally.

One of the signage solutions that stand out in the system are the office display applications, as they allow for an elegant, eye catching table top solution, which are easy to position and update.

Flat Corner sign:
The Flat corner sign is offered by the newly acquired GreenSquare Company and the sign offers an attractive solution for both interior and exterior building corner applications (i.e. Corner Signage). The signs range in size reaching up to 1000mm in width and length on standard products, all while custom sizes are available upon demand.

GreenSquare offers a variety of flat modular sign products utilising the unique ‘GreenSquare Float’ design, an attached floating profile designed to allow the sign frames to float a couple of inches from the wall, providing the sign a modern, unique and eye catching look.

The GreenSquare system is based on flat sign frames that accept inserts of many materials and widths due to the companies’ latest ‘Smart Insert’ technology. this technology allows the sign professional to efficiently apply most any materials within the 3.2mm thickness, as the inner channels are graded in a way that allows the use of different material and thickness. GreenSquare products can be tweaked and designed to match any need.

Flat office sign:
The office display applications now being offered are elegant wall frame products that can be mounted directly to the desired surface (be it a wall, door, conference room glass wall, etc.). The graphics inside the new wall frames can be installed to float a couple of inches from the wall, using the ‘GreenSquare Float’ design, to create a modern eye catching look. The new flat wall frames can also be personalised with vinyl decorations.

Accessories for creating custom designed wall signs that fit any project:

The new accessories take advantage of the extreme flexibility of Vista System’s MCFT catalogue items to create new designs: A wall frame featuring a decoratively cut aluminium inserts that protrude out of the frame to create unique designs, and a decorative back plate made of various materials, that attaches to the sign frame to create eye catching wall frame designs.

MCFT (Modular Curved Frame Technology) offers the best of both worlds by offering the advantages of a modern modular system with the ability to provide a highly customisable solution that meets the unique requirements for each sign project.