Video: Gencotech Demonstrates GCC Laser Engraver And Cutter

Video- Gencotech Demonstrates GCC Laser Engraver And Cutter

In this video, Gencotech’s Manager/Chief Service Engineer Nardus Mouton outlines the benefits of the GCC E200 40W laser engraver and cutter.

The machine features a 510mm x 330mm working area and its front door can open to accommodate larger working material.

The E200 includes a DC servo motor, faster speed and better precision. One of the important functions is true stamp making, which allows users to make good quality rubber stamps.

Items included:

– Laser system complete.
– Start-up serving and cleaning kit.
– Aluminium cutting grid.
– Air compressor.
– External extractor fan with ducting pipes (to extract fumes and smoke to the outside of your work place).
– Water chiller (to keep the laser tube at working temperatures).
– 2–3 days installation and training on-site.

Optional items:

– Rotary attachment to engrave wine bottles and glasses.
– CorelDRAW 2020 design software – full commercial edition.
– Indoor fume extractor.

Key highlights:

– High quality engraving and cutting.
– External water chiller can work for 8 hours guaranteed.
– The world’s first desktop laser engraver to use a closed loop servo motor. It is stable, fast and precise.
– LaserPro print driver is included, which is user friendly, powerful and professional.
– SmartJOB is designed for beginners/students. It is easy to use and compatible for Windows and Mac.
– 17.78cm (7”) touch screen. Users can easily set and troubleshoot on the machine.
– Special materials with a barcode/software will set the parameter automatically.

CCD camera

– The CCD camera can capture the working table, helping the user to ensure that the positioning of the material and the graphic is correct before output of the file.
– The CCD camera can also capture a picture of the desired artwork and by using the tracing ability of the software get the image vector ready for cutting or engraving in a simple few steps.

External water chiller

– The external water chiller enables the laser system to work all day without turning it off to cool down.
– The laser system is also protected with a water sensor to ensure the operation is safe. Should something go wrong with the water chiller, the sensor will ensure that there is no damage done to the laser itself.
– The chiller is also easy to refill when the water level gets low (no water connection needed).

Drawer type Smart BOX

The sliding drawer facilitates the cleaning of the E200, making it easy to remove pieces of material that fall through the work area. Simply pull out the drawer and slide it back in place after cleaning.

Complete connection ports

For maximum output convenience, the E200 has a full range of connectivity features, which include a USB port, ethernet port, and a Wi-Fi connection feature.

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