Using Digital Signage To Create A Positive Environment


According to Bradley Cooper, Technology Editor for Digital Signage Today, one way that retailers, restaurants and other stores can ensure a safe shopping experience is by using new Covid-19 digital signage tools that can ensure a good post-lockdown experience.

As many businesses begin to reopen, business leaders are left wondering how they can keep both their customers and employees safe and prevent new outbreaks. While the virus will ebb and flow, basic sanitation and certain forms of social distancing will certainly be key for any public gathering.

Use audience analytics

Digital signage has gradually integrated more and more audience analytics to deliver dynamic content and this epidemic is pushing a great deal of innovation to deliver tailored content.

For example, LiveReach Media recently launched a digital signage tool that can track the distance between customers and push out content to screens, reminding them to follow social distancing guidelines. It is also providing other tools such as the ability to count how many customers are wearing masks.

Displays can also count how many customers come into the store and stop new customers from entering if it reaches capacity. For example, NoviSign launched its Stop and Go digital signage solution to count the number of customers in the store and inform if new ones can enter or stop. This can in turn remove the need to station employees outside to count customers manually.

Keep it positive

It can be easy to get lost in the wave of negative news these days, as people around the world are fearful and uncertain about the future. While everyone has likely received messages to keep washing their hands and wear masks, few people are getting positive messages.

Digital signage users have a unique opportunity to help change that by pushing out encouraging messages such as:

– Stories about survivors who recovered from the virus.
– Funny quarantine stories.
– Content on how your store has given back to the community.
– Videos of new recipes.
– Lists of shows to check out.

Digital signage is, after all, a tool to improve the customer experience, and during times like these as we begin cautiously returning to normality, it is key that retailers, restaurants or other businesses create a positive environment so customers will feel comfortable venturing out of the safety of their homes and into stores.

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