Uprint Announce World First Chemical Transfer Print On Shirts Using Modified Digital Laser Printer

Uprint Announce World First Chemical Transfer Print With Printer

Uprint have announced the world’s first chemical transfer print onto shirts, using a modified digital laser printer. Uprint have been working tirelessly on this new method to print onto light garments: a combination of a cold press, a unique chemical and the company’s new Marine A paper.

The chemical used is harmless to the skin and completely unnoticeable once cured. The prints are so resilient and stretchy, that you can even print onto white socks and white beanies.

Why is this significant? The traditional method of using A + B paper for light garments can guarantee up to 30 washes, which is ideal for promotional items but it is not a ‘home-run’. The feel is also less than desirable for fashion brands, due to its paper-like nature.

The new method is durable:Uprint have done hundreds of tests and can safely say that it can rival screen printing with its exceptional durability and 100 plus wash capability. The method is straightforward and the results are consistent.

This is a light garment solution only, as the company is limited to the amount of white a digital laser printer can lay down for dark garments. A dark garment solution is under way and it will take some time to achieve consistent results.

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