Trotec South Africa Launching Speedy 400

Trotec South Africa Launching Speedy 400

Trotec South Africa will hold an open day on 3 April at its showroom in Kramerville, Sandton from 10am, where attendees will be introduced to the new Speedy 400.

The Speedy 400 features: optimised performance in terms of quality and speed, easy handling, best comfort and the highest efficiency. It has a maximum engraving speed of 4.2m/sec, an acceleration of 5g, the revolutionary motion system OptiMotion and a working area with 1016 x 610mm optimised to most material plate formats such as acrylic or wood. With up to 250 Watt laser power, engraving and cutting gets even faster. Thanks to the patented Flexx Technology, users get a CO2 and a fibre laser source in one machine.


Thanks to OptiMotion (patent pending), Trotec’s innovative real-time motion planning system, cutting speed and acceleration are maximised in regard to the geometries. This guarantees perfect curve quality and maximum throughput. Advantages are less effort and optimised cutting performance in terms of quality and speed.

Enhanced InPack Technology

InPack Technology is a rugged system design where all important components are encapsulated within a rigid, durable enclosure, which protects them from dirt and dust. Advantages: improved processing results, longer service life, lower maintenance and operating costs.

Patented Flexx Technology

Patented Flexx Technology provides users with two laser sources in one system, allowing them to process a wide variety of different materials in one job. Advantages: more
capabilities, faster processing and more opportunities to develop new business.

Fibre Laser MOPA

The MOPA laser technology broadens users’ material processing capabilities by improving the process of marking metals and plastics. It allows users to mark natural and bright
coloured aluminium to anthracite or conduct a faster deep engraving. Advantages: higher contrast processing results and more business opportunities.

Tel: +27 11 262 1400

Trotec setting new standards

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