TouchSource Announces Contactless Suite Of Digital Solutions


The TouchSource Contactless Suite of solutions include a new mobile-enabled interactive directory. The fully interactive applications allow visitors to seamlessly see and scan information from digital displays to mobile phones without touching the screen.

The solutions deliver highly visual, digital information that keeps pace with rapid messaging changes in any location at a safe distance, and also lets visitors scan that information to their personal mobile device. This extends TouchSource contactless personal solutions without sacrificing interactivity or the cost and hassle of developing stand-alone apps.

This extension of a top property amenity, digital directories, to a relevant, interactive and easy mobile solution gives property managers a quick way to pivot in the face of post-Covid facility management needs. TouchSource’s Contactless Suite of solutions for the new normal include: contactless retail solutions; contactless visitor management; shift management solutions for production facilities; social distancing workspace schedule boards; live video remote monitoring of lobbies and spaces from the directory; camera-based density analytics for social distance monitoring and contactless messaging boards.

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