Touchshield Protective Film Manufacturers Seek African Distributors

Touchshield Protective Film Manufacturers Seek African Distributors
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Touchshield, a unique range of antimicrobial protective film solutions manufactured in the UK, has recently been awarded up to 93.41% protection against viruses in accordance with international standard ISO 21702. The media manufacturer had been working toward the significant milestone, refining the unique formulation to meet the esteemed ISO standard. Touchshield is now moving into African markets and welcomes distribution opportunities.

ISO 21702 measures antiviral activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces of anti-viral treated products. TouchShield measured an outstanding proficiency in excess of 93% against an enveloped viral strain. With Covid-19 also being identified as an envelope virus, the high efficacy results are an astounding result for the UK firm.

‘We wanted to produce a next-level protective solution. Touchshield is subtle enough to blend in but distinguishable enough to trust,’ said director Will Duggins. This was the driving factor for the development from the UK manufacturer.

The clear film with a secure branded watermark can be integrated within all retail, medical and public sectors without compromising on brand identity for the clients while instilling consumer confidence. The UK coating company, G-Tec Paper and Film (part of the Gardiner Group) developed Touchshield as the perfect protective solution for surfaces within environments where cross contamination of bacteria and viruses can often be found.

The unique development has already gained huge momentum within UK and European markets, with the print sector being a key provider of these solutions. ‘Print professionals really do have the skills to deliver this product to every person, in every sector,’ commented Duggins. ‘It is a fantastic opportunity for the print industry to promote this protective solution, having the skills to deliver and install the protective vinyl as part of their portfolio.’

Duggins commented further: ‘We are incredibly excited to share this product and look forward to delivering the protective solution into African markets. We are currently seeking key distribution partners within the continent and urge any potential partners to get in touch’.


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