Top Vehicle Wrapping Tips

Top Vehicle Wrapping Tips

Vehicle wrapping is still one of the most popular branding options, whether it’s for full company fleets, or a single car. A great vehicle wrap can turn a car into a moving billboard.

Falcon SA has the following tips to ensure wraps are done correctly:

1. Play with your vinyl before you start applying it to get a feel for how much you can stretch it and how much heat it can handle. Knowing your vinyl ahead of time will help you read it better, which will allow for easier installation.

2. Remove mirrors and moulding from cars and trucks before applying vinyl. Installing vinyl wrap around a mirror may take 30 minutes, but it only takes about 5 minutes to remove it.

3. Clean the inside surface with isopropyl alcohol, and make sure it’s completely dry before applying vinyl.

4. Never apply vinyl while the surface is still wet.

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